Thursday, May 26, 2011

Denim Jumpsuits, Exploding Bows and a Plumage Vest.

So, as any good southern lady should, I do enjoy J.Crew. They've got some classically pretty items, good colors and patterns, and the clothes tend to be pretty well made. I'm a pretty shrewd J.Crew sale shopper and on any given day, I'm typically wearing at least one J.Crew item. Today I've got on the Jackie Sweater- a favorite of Michelle Obama!

That said, sometimes J.Crew has some absolutely bizarre stuff that they try to sell. While I am absolutely in favor of creativity in fashion, in what world would someone spend just shy of $300 for a denim jumpsuit (not to worry, it's on sale for $169.99!)?

Sometimes, J.Crew just seems to have a good sense of humor when it comes to naming clothes. This shirt - which is actually pretty cute- is named the " Prabal Gurung at J.Crew Exploding Bow blouse". That's right - Exploding Bow.

Exploding bow, indeed! That will set you back a cool $225.

Out of all of the crazy attire they're shilling on the "J.Crew Collection" right now, the nuttiest by far I think must be the Plumage Vest. It's on sale -- for $479.99. And ugly as sin.

I guarantee that there is some Cajun man deep in the heart of the South Louisiana bayou celebrating the day when J.Crew approached him about using Nutria pelts for high fashion.

**For all of you who have never heard of Nutria, they are an invasive species of swamp rat that Louisiana has been trying to eradicate for decades. Picture below!**

I like to imagine my sweet grandmother's face if she saw me stroll into her house wearing, perhaps, that jumpsuit with the plumage vest over it. Most likely she'd say "Well, I do declare!" Probably followed by "Bless her heart, she always was a tomboy."

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  1. "Hey Denim Dan, where'd you get the Canadian tuxedo?"

    Pretty sure my great uncle wore identical denim coveralls every day of his life.